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Battery Manager (BatMan)

Note: The Battery Manager I series is no longer in production.
Note: The Battery Manager II series is no longer in production.
However, The Battery Manager III series is in production to replace them.
Also, The Battery Manager IV series is being designed and will be ready for production soon.

The Battery Manager EL is an instrument panel for an Electrathon Race car. It is powered from the battery pack it measures. It displays battery current, voltage, amp/hours used, and time since the start of the race.  It will measure and run on as little as 9V or as much as 35V, and can measure from -50 to 350 amps. It's clock is accurate to within a few seconds in the 1 hour race.
BSDesigns Battery Manager ELs have been used by the Cloud Electric electrathon race cars for several years, and have seldom been beaten. Click here for the story of the 2004 Portland International Raceway Electrathon race!

The Battery Manager EV for Electric Vehicle conversion is temporarily out of production.
It is currently in redesign to handle noisy environments better.

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