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Some recent projects and specials:

A special microcontroller design, Layout, FAB, Assembly of >250 units for InnovaPark LLC.

Layout, FAB, Assembly, and Test of a 1"x2" RS-232 to TTL converter board for Headwaters Management.

High Voltage BatMan with no display for Brassrat Communications.

High Current data logger for Cloud Racing.

Automatic Bathroom Fan controller for AMKA Holdings, LLC.

Early Windshield fog detector for AMKA Holdings, LLC.

A 16 port serial to USB device for Strobe Data, Inc.

Some custom instruments for ManzanitaMicro to test their chargers with. Yes, that is a 75KW charger prototype.

The Rudman Regulator MK3 for Manzanita Micro, along with Evil bus terminators and Evil bus to rs232 converters.

A Power Generating Windmill controller for Portland Wind Electric.

A prototype Phase Meter for use by Eletricians for Alan Tibbetts.