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02/01/2005 10:14 AM The BM3EL Load Switch for drain testing batteries is released! You can find the User Manual in the Manuals Department. The DataLogger is back from FAB, I hope to get to it soon. I hope to get the Lap Beacon Receiver and Transmitter ready for me to test at Portland this year.

I now have had a bunch of people asking for an eMeter/Link10 replacement. The BatMan3 can be factory configured to do most of that. I now have algorithms for handling Peukerts Equation, and have to find time to install it in a version of the software.

The Rudman Regulator MK3 Rev 2 is working in the lab. Rich Rudman has assembled about 50 of these puppies, and the first batch will ship soon. I have written the software with some help from Jonathan Pullen.

If you have specific wishes or ideas, please send me a note.

The Battery Manager II is no longer in production. We are feverishly working on new products to replace it.

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